the Art of Catering

Our philosophy

A regular feature of museum programmes, art performances and exhibition openings is that catering will be used in some way. In the vast majority of cases, the "hospitality", &  "gastronomy", is merely a gesture of courtesy - a minimalist satisfaction of social expectations, so to speak - or a mere calorie supplement, since the organisers usually offer only scones, chips, sandwiches and canapés at most.

But beyond this, we also witness many events - even very high-quality events - that take place in cultural settings, in venues related to the arts. A gala dinner in the Baroque Hall of the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest or a cocktail party on the Savoy terrace of Buda Castle is a truly dazzling experience. But still... yes, we are still left with a sense of dissatisfaction. 

The harmony our souls long for is not complete, we need the harmony of the value-experiences we have seen and lived, but in the above practice, this is still to come!

What does GastArt offer as Performance Catering? In what sense does it offer a solution?

GastArt Performance allows for a unity of value experiences seen and experienced! GastArt Performance, unlike other high-end competitors, creates a synergy, a shared experience between art and catering, then art and food, as well as colours and flavours, or melodies and aromas. The spirit and the colours of the given works of art are dreamed up in the dishes, which are presented in a creative way and form at every single event of 1000 Homes & More Management Srl. - Nemes Rendezvény Kft. - now also on the plates! GastArt Performance events combine the momentary pleasures of gastronomy with the inaudibility of fine art in such a way that they are unforgettably recorded in the memory of the guests as one big shared experience/event. And in reality, it is nothing less than a wonderful symbiosis of culture and culinary arts, the magic of GastArt Performance!

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